The top-of-the-line ERBOTOM ICC 350 heads ERBE’s family of units for HF surgery. They’ve given it one-of-a-kind functionality for all-round use, with the features and abilities developed in close teamwork with leading surgeons from many different medical disciplines.

The ICC 350 has received world-wide attention and recognition; it is a step forward from conventional surgical methods and opens the way for new ones.



  • Cut control – for automatic perfect cuts
  • High cut with specialized arc regulation for underwater cuts or in fatty structures
  • Endo cut – the cutting mode for endoscopy
  • Mono- und biopolar cutting (Bipolar Cut)
  • Power Peak System (PPS) for intelligent support of initial incision and cutting


  • Precisely controlled coagulation and no carbonization with Soft Coag
  • Forced Coag – for situations where speed is essential
  • Spray Coag – for efficient surface coagulation
  • Argon-Plasma Coagulation unit ERBE APC 300 hookup as standard equipment
  • Mono- und bipolar coagulation (Bipolar Coag)
  • Twin Coag – for comfortable coagulation on two channels: connector and individual settings for two Coag instruments
  • Auto Start and Auto Stop – for coagulation support


  • Maximum user-friendly operation via 11 individually configurable programs


  • Nessy the one-of-a-kind Neutral Electrode Safety System
  • Double-safe cutting with Cut Control and Biopolar Cut


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